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Dean’s taken part in a Q&A session with regarding his return to old stomping grounds for the Royal Rumble. Philadelphia was once his home for a time, so he shares some fond memories and some hopes for what may happen at The Rumble.

It was in Philadelphia, logging matches at Combat Zone Wrestling and Dragon Gate USA, that Ambrose (then known as Jon Moxley) got his crazy-man rep. It’s also where he got the call to the WWE big leagues. Tomorrow, Ambrose competes in the WWE Royal Rumble, taking place at the Wells Fargo Center and airing on pay-per-view, where he will be pit against 29 other wrestlers in a winner-take-all battle.

Ambrose shared some fond Philly memories when he spoke recently with Molly Eichel. He also had some fighting words for his opponents. “I’m going to win the god-d— Royal Rumble in Philadelphia and probably go celebrate at the same dive bar I used to go celebrate at before and be the same son of a bitch I was then as I am now,” Ambrose said. “It was also a strip club.”

Q What does Philadephia mean to you in terms of your development?
I got a lot of hometowns. Philly is one of those hometowns for me. That’s the scene where I first really made name and built my reputation as a kind of guy who was willing to go to great lengths to win and perform and to have fun. Anytime I come to Philadelphia, it’s cool for me. I used to go to Flyers games and I would think, “This is a big-ass building.” I would sit in the stands and imagine what it would be like to wrestle there, and to actually do it is pretty cool.

If I am going to win the Royal Rumble I wouldn’t want it to be anywhere else.

Q Any particularly fond memories?
I was living in Philadelphia when I got signed by WWE. I was sitting there one afternoon, I just woke with a headache or something. I got a call from WWE that I thought was a prank, so I blew it off. Later in the day, I got more phone calls and I realized they were trying to hire me. It was completely out of the blue. I had figured if it was my career destiny to be an indie cult hero, then so be it.

Q How did working the indie circuit in Philly inform the wrestler you are today?
I was working at CZW, and they were infamous for death matches – violent matches that pushed the boundaries for what is safe or smart or in good taste or whether this is good entertainment – and they just took it as far as possible. It was the perfect place I needed at the perfect time. I was really starting to understand myself as a personality, characterwise, and learning how to be myself. I was really creatively clicking.

I got to the WWE because my reputation for being the craziest son of a bitch walking the planet.

Q Do you have any strategy for the Royal Rumble?
My plan is to wrap myself in barbed wire, like a mummy, because then no one will want to grab me because they’ll risk a serious laceration. If you’re going to engage in any kind of an altercation with me, I might get hurt but you’re not going to walk away unscarred. There are 29 other guys that are going to get stung.

It’s foolproof, right? Or I’ll handcuff myself to the post. I plan on being there for a long time.

Q How do you train for a Royal Rumble match? They tend to last a long time. You have to have stamina.
I’ll take long, long runs and long bike rides. I’m always training for stamina, anyway, because I’m never going to be the biggest guy or the strongest guy. I train for endurance and agility. I’m not going to throw 27 people over the rope at one time, but I am prepared to be pounded on for 60 minutes or so.

Q Every time I watch you wrestle, I can’t help but think that wrestling in jeans must be pretty uncomfortable.
I found a pretty good brand of jeans, called Joe’s Jeans, that are light and stretchy. I wear to the building the same thing I wrestle in, and then change later into the exact same outfit. It dawned on me that wrestling trunks are outdated. Like, Pat O’Connor had to the wear them in the ’40s, but now we’re running around the building, we’re going through tables, we’re getting hit by tables. Anything can happen in a WWE match today. People are coming in from the back and attacking someone in their underwear.

Imagine you are in a bar and you get into an altercation and you are like, “OK, let’s take this outside. Take off your pants. Let’s go.”

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WWE Power 25 for January 23rd, 2015

Welcome back to another edition of WWE Power 25! This week, Dean remains in the #4 position (no movement) after an impressive victory over the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Bad News Barrett on Monday Night RAW. Three days later, on Thursday Night SmackDown, we saw our favorite Lunatic Fringe pull an entrant number to place him in the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match. He must have not liked his chances, because he switched his ball with Fandango’s ball, while the dancing partner was making out with Rosa Mendes. Did no one see the referee in the background? Later on in the night, after Daniel Bryan’s impressive victory over Kane, the majority of the WWE roster came out to brawl with each other. Dean was one of the last men standing in the squared circle while SmackDown went off the air. Check back next week to see how Dean ranks on the WWE Power 25 chart.

Last Week: 4 | This Week: 4 | Movement: 0

Dean Ambrose may be drawing the ire of The Authority, but that hasn’t slowed him down. A win on RAW over Bad News Barrett puts the Lunatic Fringe in prime position for a move up the rankings.

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Our resident writer Austin Skinner brings us another exclusive article, taking a look at what might be in store for Ambrose and us fans in 2015. Last year was a breakout year for Dean, but you can be sure this year he’ll surpass it. Let us know your thoughts in comments or on facebook or twitter!


Unwrapping The New Year
by Austin Skinner

The presents have been opened. The cookies have been consumed. And the tree has been disassembled. Two-thousand and fifteen is about two weeks old and the cheery holidays are becoming a more distant memory. So, with another year of “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose’s career firmly behind him, I believe it’s high time I discuss where I think he is headed moving forward. What is it that exactly awaits our favorite crazy? Perhaps, his most successful year yet!

Last year proved to be the cultivation of a new star, in Dean Ambrose. With WWE’s creative team and devoted fans firmly behind him for the majority of the year, Dean was able to reach new heights in the company. The Shield was not only Seth Rollins’ stepping-out party, it was also Roman Reigns’ and Dean Ambrose’s (but, more so Dean’s, of course)! Coming off such a model year will be hard to top but, if the little time spent in the New Year is any indicator, it will be more than achievable. With capturing a spot atop the cards as of late, Dean Ambrose has solidified his worth and will undoubtedly continue experiencing main events for some time. Will he always be the laughing good guy, though? My prediction is, no.

By now, Ambrose’s gloves should be more than ready to come off. In my opinion, he has ALWAYS been more interesting as a character when his character is really dastardly. Dean Ambrose is the type of guy you should want to keep your kids away from, as his poisonous attitude and complete disregard for other’s wellbeing may affect them if they get to close. He has been in that place many times before and some of his most memorable moments have been mean in intent! A character turn would really revitalize Ambrose and allow his character to become deeper in layers and recharged for crowds near and far. With Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns obviously headed toward top good guy spots, Dean would probably be left out in the cold. It is only logical that he derail and fight against such goody-goods! After all, his character has to be getting quite frustrated with loss after loss (To the likes of Rollins, Wyatt, Rusev, etc). A new, yet familiar direction for “The Lunatic Fringe” is almost worth betting money on. So, don’t be surprised when this man snaps and it is no more Mr. Nice Guy and no more comical prop segments. A return to a deadly, cold, cornered animal may be exactly what we get!


Also long overdue, is the appearance of gold around Dean Ambrose’s waist. As much as it was Dean’s year last year, I predict that two-thousand fifteen with usher in a few new championship reigns for him! Fans want to see it, and let’s be honest; he has quickly become one of the only captivating parts of weekly television. Ambrose is having some awesome matches and his segments usually put all others on the show to shame. He deserves a championship strictly due to the amount of quality entertainment he has been putting out for the last while now. He would surely elevate whatever championship he comes to hold over the course of this year. Imagine, if/when Dolph Ziggler returns, he beats Bad News Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. Now imagine Dean Ambrose swooping in and attacking Ziggler to the point where say, a ladder match for the championship, must be held to settle the issue! Now, that would be something.

Something also tells me a brotherhood may be able to be mended this year. Converting Seth back to the cohesive unit that it once was may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Rollins and Ambrose have nearly forgotten all about their bad blood, for now. This may leave an opening for Dean and Roman to get into Seth’s ear and bring him back on the opposite side of the Authority. The fact is, rumors state that the WWE wants The Shield to be a stable that can reemerge here and there, much like D-Generation X. That is entirely possible, as there will always be Shield fans to welcome them back with open arms. Such a dominant, cohesive unit has not been seen in the WWE in a long, long time. So, make no mistake, The Shield may rise from the ashes sooner than you may think… Believe that!

Bottom line: Overall, a more serious tone should be taken by our favorite WWE Superstar. Unfortunately for me, the WWE product is slowly becoming less and less interesting. Dean Ambrose seems to the saving grace for many people, me included. WWE knows this and will probably capitalize on this, giving him more and more deserved opportunity. His merchandise is selling like hotcakes. He is continuously getting invited to more and more media appearances. Not to mention, he acquires several handfuls of new fans daily on top of the legions that he has had all along. These elements can only spell good things for Dean Ambrose’s WWE career. Whether we end up loving or hating the guy we see on television in the next few months, there is no doubt that Dean Ambrose will end up doing some special things this year. Will he become a champion? Will he turn his back on the fans? Will The Shield make a return? The possibilities are literally endless at this point. There is one that that is absolutely for sure… We can expect the unexpected; just as the man himself always likes it. That is his present to us, to slowly open up for the next eleven months. But be warned, you never know what might end up flying out!

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With the Rumble just around the corner, Ambrose is up to dirty deeds as he creeps in on Fandangos number draw and decides to do a little cheating and stealing. Picking up Fandangos number while he’s distracted by Rosa, and exchanging it for his own. Must have been a good one!

Later on in the night as Daniel Bryan once again faces the wrath of The Authority, the locker room pours out to his aid, along with Dean! The ring erupting in to an impromptu rumble featuring most of the roster, its the good guys left standing. Ambrose alongside Reigns, Ryback, Bryan and Ziggler. There’ll be no friends on Sunday, just every man for himself.

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After a successful victory on RAW against the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Bad News Barrett, Dean Ambrose is hungry for more competition on Thursday Night SmackDown. Click on the link below to find out what our favorite Lunatic Fringe is up to.

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After a successful 6 Man Tag on Smackdown, despite his knee issues, Dean’s back on form and comes to RAW to take on the Brit Brawler Wade Barrett. With the Royal Rumble looming, getting momentum behind you is always a good thing and Dean’s setting a good pace for himself. Attacking the match from the outset, he all but controls the Intercontinental Champion for the opening of the bout, until a misstep during the commercial break leads to Barrett grinding him down. But he doesn’t go for the obvious choice and target Dean’s knee – a bad move on Barretts part. Dean fights back and despite a momentary tweak of the knee, wriggles his way out of Barretts Barrage and reverse in to his Dirty Deeds finisher, picking up a clean win over the champ.

Hmm, gold in his future? We’d like to see that.

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Dean will be doing a VIP Axxess Signing on Saturday, March 28th at 6:00 p.m. during the Wrestlemania weekend. This of course clashes with the Hall of Fame proceedings so be aware if you go ahead and book tickets!

WrestleMania Axxess tickets go on sale to the general public on Saturday, January 31st and are available from Ticketmaster. Presale tickets go on sale on Monday, January 26th. We’ll keep you updated with any changes.

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WWE Power 25 for January 16th, 2015

Welcome to another week of the WWE Power 25 rankings! This week, Dean Ambrose moves up the 4th spot, remaining in the top 5. How did he do this? On Monday Night RAW, Stephanie McMahon made Dean take a psychology test in order to enter the 30-Man Royal Rumble. He successfully passed with flying colors, even making the psychologist cry and question his own motives in life. After that, Dean had to compete in singles match against the undefeated U.S. Champion Rusev. The referee stopped the match because Dean was unable to compete on an injured knee, therefore, declaring Rusev the victor. On Thursday Night SmackDown, we saw Dean team up with Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns to take on the team of Big Show, Kane and Seth Rollins. Dean and his teammates crushed the competition and were declared the winners of the 6-Man Tag Team Match. Well, that’s all she wrote for now. Tune in next Friday to see where Dean ranks on the WWE Power 25 chart.

Last Week: 5 | This Week: 4 | Movement: +1

After enduring a great deal of damage in his losing effort against US Champion Rusev on RAW, Dean Ambrose rebounded quite nicely to lift his three-man team to victory on SmackDown. Ambrose’s resiliency makes him a 2015 Royal Rumble Match favorite as much as his unpredictability does.

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Dean’s back to being a thorn in The Authorities side and by the looks of things, he’s loving it. After the bizarre detour with Wyatt, his sights are now firmly set on the Rumble and of course – causing as much mayhem as possible. A point proven when he steps up on Smackdown to back up Daniel Bryan alongside Roman Reigns. The trio standing up to The Authority and prompting Triple H to make a 6 Man Tag Main Event. Something Dean and Roman excel at.

Before the match, Dean has a few things to say regarding The Rumble and despite the fact he and Roman are brothers and he and Bryan are pals, when it gets to The Rumble he’ll have no friends, his sights are set firmly on winning. Never count him out. As for tonight, they all detest The Authority and they’re all on the same page. Rollins and his little buddies might be in for a long night.

The match rolls around and Dean and Seth start things out, a match most of us could probably watch forever. Dean attacks his former partner and the team take control of the first half of the match up, it isn’t until Rollins gets Dean hung up in the turnbuckles, putting pressure on that unstable knee, that things take a turn. Rollins and co proceeding to systematically beat Dean down. But as always he takes the punishment, absorbs and keeps hanging on in there, even past Rollins slapping him in the face and telling him he’s all guts and no brains. That earns Seth a slap in the face in return. Dean claws his way back in to the match and manages to make the tag to his partners, rolling out of the ring to watch the mayhem unfold as Bryan and Roman pick up the pace. Dean gets back in to things and attacks Rollins again as he breaks up Daniels Yes Lock. Then its Air Ambrose as he takes a dive to the outside, putting an end to J&J Securitys meddling while Daniel Bryan picks up the win.

Never count him out.

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safe_image (1)

After being put through a successful psychology test to determine if he would compete in the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match, and then later facing an undefeated U.S. Champion Rusev on Monday Night RAW, Dean Ambrose looks to be up to no good on Thursday Night SmackDown. Find out what Dean has up his sleeves by clicking on the link below.

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